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March 0311:17 am
With the help of regenerative medicine and options such as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), protocols are changing currently in how doctors can repair damaged tissue. PRP is an innovative therapy that is now gaining in popularity substantially and is covered by insurance! RMG La Jolla is the only physicians office that offers PRP insurance coverage in San Diego! The procedure entails drawing blood from a patient and then spinning it in a centrifuge machine. This generates a layer of concentrated platelets and growth factors that can possibly reduce pain and regenerate damaged tissue such as tendon or cartilage. Regenerative Medical Group is supported and affiliated with the American Medical Society For Sports Medicine (AMSSM). Athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Dwight Howard, and Hines Ward to name a few have benefited from PRP therapy. Conditions that involve joint pains and ligament/tendon injuries are often excellent candidates for PRP therapy. Here is a partial list of the conditions PRP helps considerably: Golfer’s elbow Tennis elbow Shoulder tendinitis and Rotators Cuff Injury Joint arthritis – hip, spine, knee, ankle, SI joint, elbow, wrist Headaches – Migraines, Occipital Neuralgia Soft Tissue Injury – Tendonitis, meniscus tears in the knee, ligament sprains. Sacroiliac Joint Pain Ankle sprains Achilles tendonitis Plantar Fasciitis Muscle tears *Covered by Insurance*Call us at (858)263-0422 today to schedule a consultation Read More →
March 0310:21 am
March Coach Challenge: Can you deadlift an elephant? By averaging 12 workouts for the month, take your deadlift weight and multiply by how many reps completed..ex. 80lbs * 10 reps= 800 lbs. Track your cumulative weights on the board and see where you stack up at the end of the month! Are you an up and comer 8,000 lbs, a big daddy 16,000 lbs, or are you the Godfather the heaviest recorded elephant ever at a whopping 24,000 lbs? Choose whatever type of deadlift you wish, kettlebell, trap bar (weighs 50lbs), conventional, or sumo. Ask one of our Fitness Coaches for tips to maximize your deadlift. Remember to keep those backs straight and drive with the legs! Read More →
March 0211:36 am
Our March/April 2015 Newsletter is out! Read more about booty exercises, massage benefits and probiotics at http://issuu.com/thesportingclubsandiego/docs/thesportingclubsandiego-mar_apr2015/1 Read More →


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